Low Cost Simple Direct Cremations covering West London, Middlesex, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Greater London

Providing affordable funerals at low cost of £1.447 inclusive of Cremation Fee

  • Simple coffin for cremation plus an engraved name plate.
  • The collection of the deceased through normal working hours.
  • Transportation of the deceased to the crematorium by a closed hearse/estate for a simple direct funeral.
  • Funeral directors professional fees for completing the arrangements.
  • Cremation fees at a crematorium of our choice, time and date of our choice.
  • No mourners present.
  • Excludes doctors fees which are currently set at £82, a mandatory fee set by the general medical council and not by ourselves though If the HM Coroner is involved there is no charge.

Bereaved families often express their anxieties and concerns over the increasing cost of funerals, with this in mind we developed a simple low cost cremation service to provide to families.

A direct cremation is a lower cost option which consists of the deceased being cremated without an initial service, as there is no funeral service, a memorial service can be arranged afterwards fitting in to the families requirements.

With this low cost cremation service the ashes of your loved ones can be returned to you to be privately scattered.(there will be a small fee for the collection of the ashes).

Out of hours collection, limousines, embalming, mourners present with a service, viewing in our private chapel of rest are extra optional charges.